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PROJECT REVIEW: Identity and Website Development

CLIENT: Ryan Dangerous Davis – Professional Junior Middleweight Boxer

Logo Design for Professional Junior Middleweight Boxer

Client Introduction:
Ryan Dangerous Davis, the new WBE Intercontinental junior middleweight champion, has been in the ring and around boxing since early childhood. After nearly 17 years of training by his father Terry Davis, achieving numerous victories and only one loss, Ryan joined Garcia Boxing full time to train with Max Garcia and Don Familton. Recently, Ryan became a stable mate of Oscar De La Hoya and began working with Oscar, "Sugar" Shane Mosley, Vince Phillips, Johnny Tapia, and good friend Robbie Peden in the ring. As of March 31, 2005, Ryan Dangerous Davis holds a record of 19-3-2.

Project Overview:
bdHarman Productions had the opportunity to develop a universal Identity Program for professional junior middleweight boxer, Ryan Dangerous Davis. Our assignment was to increase public awareness of the athlete by not only branding, but also targeting and informing the boxing community / fans of his talent, history, and dedication. Our first project for this professional athlete was to develop a bold logo design which could be implemented on all mediums including: website, print marketing material, embroidery, and more. After completing the logo design, we developed the boxer’s official website and professional business cards to promote the website.



IDENTITY DEVELOPMENT – logo creation and branding development


Logo Creation:

Design Logic

- Bold, Simple, Informative
- Serious and Authoritative
- Universal for all mediums

Color Logic

- Serious, seriousness, distinctiveness, boldness, authority
- Denotes strength and authority
- Gives the feeling of perspective and depth
- Combined with fire-orange - black contributes to a very aggressive color scheme

Complimenting Color Scheme Logic

- Dangerous, cautious, hazardous, energetic
- Aggressive, assertive, intense, strength, vitality, life-sustaining, passionate, courageous, insightful
- An excellent accent color when used with neutral colors (black and gray)

Developed a set color scheme and style for all marketing materials.



Business Card Design - BoxingBusiness Cards:

Design - Designed in compliance with adopted color scheme and style

Printing - High-quality, 4-Color process printing on 120# Gloss Cover Stock with Aqueous Coating




    Custom Graphics and Illustrations:
All graphics including titles, headings and icons, were designed with the set color scheme and adopted characteristics of the “Dangerous Davis” identity program.

Information/Marketing copy was developed for target audiences.

Search Engine Optimization:
Complete search engine optimization, including Meta Tag development on all pages.

Flash Design And Integration:
- Flash animated headers
- Flash photo galleries

Downloadable Content:
Dangerous Davis Desktop / Wallpaper Designs

Custom Contact Form:
Contact form collects users’ input data, organizes and delivers it to Ryan Dangerous Davis.

Developed custom search engine optimization standards for target market.

Website Design for Professional Boxing Champion

Services Overview:

  • Web Development / Design
  • Identity Program
  • Branding Development
  • Copywriting
  • Research
  • Website Promotion
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Website Environment: navigation | graphics | photo work
  • Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration
  • Business Card design
  • Prepress file preparation and printing

    Technologies Used:

  • Client Side: Flash, HTML, JavaScript
  • Server Side: PHP
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