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PROJECT REVIEW: Identity Development

CLIENT: Golden Key Development Inc.

Logo Design

Client Introduction:
Foundation and Mission of Golden Key Development Inc.:

- To enhance economic potential with Commercial and Retail Development
- Providing a new, specialized element of service, complimenting services offered by Sung Architecture, LLC
- Teamwork, focus and effectiveness
- Comprehensive services by diversified professionals
- Large company capabilities while maintaining personalized service and attention
- Direct and continued involvement with clients

Project Overview:
bdHarman Productions was contracted to develop an Identity Program for Golden Key Development Inc. The first objective was logo development, a foundation for the company’s image. The logo and complimenting color scheme was then applied to business cards and stationery design.



IDENTITY DEVELOPMENT – logo creation and branding development


Logo Creation:

Design Logic

- Bold, but approachable
- Simplistic, but authoritative
- Established look with a qualified impression

Color Logic

- Formal, rich, elegant, serious, distinctiveness, boldness, authority, practicality and a corporate mentality
- Black denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and prestigious color
- Black gives the feeling of perspective and depth

- Strength, solidity, maturity, credibility, stability, simplicity, comfort, quality, harmony, outdoors, reliability, endurance, discovering, somber, natural, authentic, utility, earthiness, and subtle richness
- Gold evokes the feelings of prestige, and of being valued
- Gold is used when symbolizing wealth and beauty
- Gold is the color of riches

Branding Development: Developed a set color scheme and style for all marketing materials.


Business Card DesignBusiness Cards:

Design - Designed in compliance with adopted color scheme and style

Printing - High-quality, 4-Color front / b&w back process printing on 120# Gloss Cover Stock with Aqueous Coating


Stationery Design

Design – Designed in compliance with adopted color scheme and style

Printing – High-quality, 4-Color process printing on Classic Crest Super Smooth Paper


Services Overview:

  • Business Identity
  • Branding Development
  • Prepress file preparation and printing
  • Research
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