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PROJECT REVIEW: Identity & Website Development

CLIENT: Munaco Technologies

Logo Design

Client Introduction:
Munaco Technologies is an evolving service provider of Business and Residential IT support in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Project Overview:
bdHarman Productions was contracted to develop an Identity Program for Munaco Technologies and implement it throughout various marketing efforts. The first objective was logo development, a foundation for the company’s image. The logo and selected complimenting color scheme was then applied to business cards and throughout’s website design.



IDENTITY DEVELOPMENT – logo creation and branding development

  Logo Creation:

Design Logic

- Represents the “Tech-Evolution” from a worldly perspective.
- The sun and earth are a symbol of “time”. More specifically, “24Hour support”.
- Sun and earth also represents “stability” and “long-lasting”
- The earth embodies the “co” of munaco, resulting in the correct pronunciation (muna-co)

Color Logic

The deep orange communicates “cautious” – data backup/security, “hazardous” – virus removal / troubleshooting, “warm” – sense of comfort and security.

The black and gray communicates “seriousness” – professional services, “practicality” – stable and reliable, “corporate mentality” – welcoming large tasks / diversified knowledge.

Slogan - “providing solutions is what we do”
Service Mark – “That’s Me” service plans
Developed a set color scheme and style for all marketing materials.



Business Card DesignBusiness Cards:

Design - Designed in compliance with adopted color scheme and style

Printing - High-quality, 4-Color process printing on 120# Gloss Cover Stock with Aqueous Coating




    Custom Graphics and Illustrations:
All graphics including titles, headings and icons, were designed with the set color scheme and adopted characteristics of Munaco Technologies logo.

Sales/Marketing copy was developed for both Business and Residential audiences.

Search Engine Optimization:
Complete Meta Tag development on all pages.

Custom Contact Form:
Contact form collects users’ input data, organizes and sends it to Munaco Technologies.

Developed custom search engine optimization standards for target market.

Munaco Tech website design

Services Overview:

  • Web Development
  • Business Identity
  • Branding Development
  • Copywriting
  • Research
  • Website Promotion
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Website Environment: layout/design | graphics creation
  • Business Card design
  • Prepress file preparation and printing

    Technologies Used:

  • Client Side: HTML, JavaScript
  • Server Side: PHP
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